21 May 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our last match of the season was was plagued with a lot of challenges especially with regard to the injury list to some of our key players. Be it as it may, I believe we did put up a fight though we were unfortunate to concede an early goal which put us on a back foot from the early stages of the match. The biggest challenge was with a lot of our players that never turned up for this match.

Ajax was so fortunate to get the last two goals totally against the run of play and our substitutes just did not function for us and that made our situation to worse.

This was one of the most difficult situation I had to deal with but I am happy that it is over now and one can start preparations for next season and hope for the revival of our ideology and also consolidate our team to be force to be reckoned with. Thanks to all our supporters for having been with us throughout all our trying times. Let's all brace ourselves for a very good season ahead.

26 April 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


In our match against Supersport we started on a very high note and created numerous opportunities but very unfortunate not to get an early goal. Unfortunately our Goalkeeper got sent off and that meant that we had to play with one man short from as early as the 22nd minute. We kept them under pressure the entire match but very unfortunately we conceded a very silly goal in the 76th minute. That match left us with our first Goalkeeper being suspended, Jabulani Nene being suspended and Siyanda Zwane being injured from the resultant concussion he sustained in the match.

Our Swallows match was already affected but we were still hopeful that we can still pull through though we went with a dilapidated squad. Unfortunately it turned out to be a nightmare as we found ourselves losing 2-0 before the half time break and second half was not to be any different because we conceded another two goals with in essence was an embarrassment and we pulled one back though Musa Bilankulu. We did not perform dismally but we defended Terribly but still we had too many opportunities but we never took them. It was our worst score line this season which made our situation very bleak as we were drifting closer and closer to the relegation zone.

In our match against Platinum stars, we showed a lot of character and pushed them from as early as 9th minute we got our first goal. They did get some good opportunities  but that never forced us backwards instead we kept probing and we were unfortunate not to score the second goal just before half time from Normans attempt. Our second half performance was outstanding and we should have scored more than four goals but we missed so many chances but we got our second goal via Norman Smith and we also missed a penalty via Musa Bilankulu. We near brought them back when we allowed Ngambi to pull one back and we were forced to a very nervous finish but we managed to pull through. Credit should be given to Siya Mngoma who kept us in the game with some telling saves but our overall performance was good enough to earn us a very valuable 3 points.

26 April 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


It is so unfortunate that one had to succumb to a draw against Maritzburg, because I think in that match we did enough to win it but unfortunately we were just unlucky to conceed two goals which I strongly believe were both offsides.

The charactor and the fighting spirit that was shown by our boys to come back from a goal down on two occassions did not go unnoticed. One was very dissappointed not to come back with three points from a match that I strongly believe was there for the taking.

The less said about our Celtics match the better. We just did not turn-up for the first half of that match. Our second half was much better but we just couldn't get a goal even from the good shots that we had. One must say that though we were lucky not to conceed first half from the chances that Celtics created, second half belonged to us but they got one chance by countering our counter attack and they buried it.

It was so unfortunate because that result brought us within the relegation zone and our dream of getting into the Top 8 is almost shattered.

09 April 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our match against Chippa United was always going to be a tough one for many obvious reasons. I want to believe that our first half was not one of our best performance and we were lucky not to conceed more than one goal first half. In the second half we came back more business like and it was not a suprize that we equalized very early after a very good fight by my boys. We nearly conceeded from a very good run from Joshua Souls but our Goalkeeper was equal to the task. The introduction of Gabuza changed the game completely and it was through shere bad luck that we did not score three goals second half as Gabuza's goal was dissallowed.

In our match against chiefs, we started like a house on fire and we should have scored early but we were simply unfortunate not to even get a penalty after Mashamaite handled the ball inside the box.
Tempers were very high from the number of incidents that went unpunished and i must once again apologize for a very uncharacteristic behaviour which i think one could have avoided. But be it as it may, i still believe that i was not the guilty one here considering that i was still within my technical area and again if i dont protect my players from the opponents insults who will, if our opponents were allowed to leave their technical area and even enter the field then i am sorry.

Our second half was very bad and chiefs could have easily punished us because circumstances forced us to play towards Chiefs's strength of a counter attacking game and we lost a lot of balls in the attacking third which resulted in a lot of counter attacks. We were just lucky not to conceed second half. Our quest to push for that Top8 spot is still very much alive. Alluta Continua!!!!!

01 April 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our match against Bidvest Wits was one of our lowest performances defensively. Our Central defence was shaky from the beginning but one was hopeful that they might come back considering that we have always looked more stable from January. One must also say that both our wingers were not at their best on the day which made our situation not to be better. It was so unfortunate to see Jabulani not performing when he has always been one of our key players.

Even though one has seen the negatives but still we created some good opportunities but unfortunately we did not convert them on the day. Our loss at home has complicated our situation but we only have ourselves to blame and  we must get ourselves out of this mess.

18th March 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our last two matches have got too many similarities. In our match against Black Leopard we dominated the match and created too many good opportunities but we just could not score.

We also had too many balls hiting the goal posts and others cleared by the defenders with the goal-keeper well beaten. Towards the end of the match, Lucky Nguzana scored a very good goal and we continued putting pressure but unfortunately we had conceeded two early goals from counter attacks which mearnt that we had to lose a match where we did everything right.

Against Sundowns it was the same because again we controlled the match and we created clear opportunities but again because of a poor decision from the referee we had to play with 10 men for the better part of the match. At the end we conceeded a very soft goal which meant that we had to lose for the second time, a match that we dominated in both halves.

All our attention will now go back to the League and one is very proud of the tremendous strides we have made in improving our performance. We will need all the support we can get from our supporters in our endevours to finish in the Top 8.

Manqoba Mngqithi


We have endured a very difficult spell of very tight fixtures over the past few weeks and one has seen all ups and downs. Our match against Free State Stars was a very difficult assignment and our players proved equal to the task. I was particularly impressed with the way we attached ourselves on our defensive tactics because we knew that it was not going to be an easy task playing a very stubborn Free State Side. It was a pleasing result to get all 3 points from a well taken penalty from our captain. One must also mention that the contribution of our new acquisitions in Tsepo Liphoko and Gift Sithole was noticeable. Overall it was a very inspiring result to the Golden Arrows family.

Our match against Black Leopard was a lesson that we will never forget. I don’t think there is any match where we created so many scoring opportunities but end up getting nothing. We had some of our balls saved from the line with a Goalkeeper well beaten and we dominated possession with goal posts also feeling our anger, but it was just not to be. We were stunned with two well taken goals from counter attacks and all the possession and shorts on target never really giving us a break through. Very late in the game Lucky Nguzana tried to get us back in the game with a well taken shot but it was all we could do on the day.

We will be very happy to see some of our supporters when we battle it out with Sundowns in our cup match this coming Friday. See you there!!!

28th February 2013
Manqoba Mngqithi


I would like to greet all our supporters in this new year and hope we will have them in our matches in our quest to push for that Top 8 spot. We started our year with a very convincing result against the University of Pretoria. Scoring 2 goals away from home was the biggest highlight of our year. It was also very nice to see our debutants in Gift Sithole, Masonwabe Bovu and Tsepo Liphoko. They all gave a good account of themselves.

Our second match was really not one of our best mainly playing a derby, our boys had a terrible match on the day and one also felt that the injury to Musa Bilankulu, Tom and Philani Shange was a big blow to our team. Most of our key players just had a bad Match on the day.

The match against Sundowns gave a lot of promise when one looks at the courage and spirit of the team on the day. This is one match where we were literally cheated by the match officials because we scored two legitimate goals and one was disallowed but still a point away from home was still an acceptable result. We must also hope that after such a good result in the Nedbank Cup, we deserve a good run in the cup and believe that our boys also do not lose focus in our quest to push for that precious Top 8 sport. Let’s all rally together in reviving the legacy of "Abafana Bes’thende".


24th December 2012
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our game against Ajax was not one of our best matches performance wise, I think they had an upper hand when it comes to ball possession which is what we expected from them. On the day, our main objective was to get 3 points and our mission was accomplished with two very good goals. Credit must also be given to our defense and our Goal keeper for keeping a clean sheet on the day.
The match against Pirates was our worst match in terms of our attacking play and ball retention and I would love to forget it sooner than later. We may have conceded two goals but I think we played well defensively and we were only punished from set-plays.

One would also like to extend Christmass wishes to all our supporters and a precious New year filled with some success on the playing field. Our Gold and Green shirt shall shine.

11th December 2012
Manqoba Mngqithi


Our match against Swallows was such a relief after we had failed to collect maximum points against Supersport having led twice in that match. Defensively, there was so much promise and managing a clean sheet was a very big achievement for the boys. It must also be noted that our offensive play is improving in leaps and bounds and the fact that we've been scoring from different sources is also very encouraging.

It is so unfortunate that from a clean sheet, we find our selves having conceded six goals after having managed to score four goals away from home. It is completely unacceptable to score four goals away form home and still come back with nothing. Structurally the team has made tremendous strides and we are just unfortunate to concede goals from mainly individual errors but I would like to urge our supporters to support these boys because sooner than later, we will be proud of the impact that they are likely to make in this league season. We are also looking forward towards your support in our forth coming matches against Ajax on Sunday and then Pirates on Wednesday.

Let me take this opportunity to wish The Golden Arrows family, a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

27th November 2012
Manqoba Mngqithi


The past two matches between Bloemfontein Celtics and Supersport United have been such an unlucky turn of events considering the performance of our boys. In our match against Bloemfontein Celtics, we changed a lot of players from our previous match against Maritzburg United.

Our performance was just outstanding on the day and we created more than enough chances to win the match but we were just unlucky. The goal we conceded is still a mystery to me even though I had a chance to watch it several times. From this performance one went to our game against Supersport United with so much hope that things are beginning to come together.

In our match against Supersport United I can only some it as poor defending on the side of our central defenders and partly our right back in the first goal. We were also very unfortunate to be forced to change our starting line up as result of Zwane being injured during our warm-up and being forced to play Thami Mkhize whom I think had a wonderful match  with the exception of a mere lapse of concentration during the first goal which was scored on the second post by his opponent Franklin Cale.
In conclusion,there are a lot of positives that we can take from these matches and hope that sooner rather than later we will be out of that danger zone.


12th November 2012
Manqoba Mngqithi


In our game against Chiefs, I think we started well but we were very unfortunate to concede very early In the match which put us under tremendous pressure. Unfortunately for us, both our Central defenders were not having a good match and in fact all the goals we conceded were their errors. Offensively,we were not bad and on the day we should have been granted at least three penalties and a red card for the Chiefs Goal Keeper if the match officials were fair. One must say that our first half gave too much space for Chiefs which really brought them into the game. Our second half was much better with a more compact defense and better combination play. In summary, a better first half and a better officiating could have yielded us a better result.

Our match against Maritzburg United was very dull affair with us starting the game on a very good note but allowing them a chance to score against the run of play from a scrambled Corner kick with our defense caught flat footed in the goal line. As a result of this goal, Maritzburg decided to sit back and hope to catch us with counter attacks which made it very difficult for us to penetrate even though we got some clear cut chances with Norman and Gabuza missing narrowly in both first and second half respectively. Our fight back was made difficult by mainly losing ball possession in critical positions and also failing to impose our selves with our wing play. Our wide players fought very hard but our midfield especially Khuboni were too slow in switching play to both flanks which gave opponents a chance to recover thus limiting our chances to punish our opponents. We even went with three strikers out of desperation but that also proved fruitless with Norman and Gabuza failing to support play inside the box resulting in Bongi being the only one to challenge the near post. A very bad result against opponents who were only expecting to go back with a draw and opponents who never had a shot at goal except for the goal and the free kick that was saved by Pavels.

29th October 2012
Manqoba Mngqithi


Firstly,I would like to thank everyone in the club for their warm welcome especially our supporters. It was so nice to come back to a team that made me to be who I am today and still meet a lot of players that I introduced to this team and those that I worked with before. One must say that the Club has improved in leaps and bounds in many departments which is also very encouraging to me knowing where we come from.

With regard to my first match, I must say that I was humbled by my players desire and effort to make sure that we rekindle the club's playing concept. Golden Arrows has always been a team that you would never complain about the money you have spent to come and watch them, win or lose you would get your monies worth. I must say that even though we dominated the match but I still believe that the last performance was far below what this club is capable of.

Our defensive play looked impressive with a lot of group and team tactical discipline but we still have to automatize our Triangulation more especially when defending wing play. Offensively, we still need to control our anxiety levels better. However it is understandable to have players with such anxiety when they have not been winning regularly and their log position also putting added pressure on the team in general.  Organizationally, I think we are well on track.

The most important thing was such an inspiring win that should have all the ingredients to lift the team going in to the next round of matches.


22st October 2012


I would really like to be writing this column on a positive note, but our disappointing result on the weekend has made this impossible.

We all had high hopes of returning from Freestate having won the game and therefore with entry to the next round of the Telkom Cup, but this did not happen. Although I feel the team played a very good and determined game, two scoring opportunities in the first 15 minutes of the half that were missed left the players rather disappointed and the confidence we started with seemed to disappear. Before half-time, Free State Stars had socred two goals, a position that we were not happy with.

Early into the second half of play, we managed to pull one back against the home team, then conceded a goal immediately after we had scored! Our approach was to play a counter-attacking game and it worked for periods in the game and I believe the boys tried really hard, however my much hated word unlucky comes in here! I feel we were unlucky not to have converted our chances of scoring into points.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with our team, we have enough capacity to be among the upper half of the League and I as coach, take responsibility of the whole situation.

11st October 2012


Our last four games we have played, without a loss, we have played some good football however our game against Wits was a very disappointing result and as much as I am trying to find positives, the bottom line is we are all disappointed that we came back to Durban empty handed.

From start to finish of the game, I feel that we had some very unlucky decisions from the match officials, however we played with a never-give-up attitude and gave it our all until the last minute but still walked off the park unrewarded. The problem with games like these is that it can erode a players self belief, and a teams for that matter. Even in the 92nd minute of the game with Normans free shot 5 metres from goal, which is practically impossible to miss, and Wits having a save like they did was confirmation that the football gods were just not smiling on us that day.

On a very positive note though, the guys have really worked hard this season and are playing positive attacking football. I personally believe in hard work and that hard work bears fruits. I belive this will happen in coming games.

Our next encounter is against Freestate Stars in the Telkom Cup. I think it is the most difficult game away in the league and 2 weeks ago we returned with one point against them, which should have been three. Drawing on the positives of our last encounter I am confident that we will return with a win. Cup Games tend to be different and looking back on last season, we stayed in the Cup until the semis where we met with Pirates.

01st October 2012


Our game against Freestate Stars on the 26th of Spetember, was physical, as we had expected. We were well prepared in our defensive organisation which had been made stronger with the return to of Joseph Musonda. On the field, we looked very organised however, as soon as we got the ball we could not hold onto the possesion and in most cases lost it very quickly again. What was so upsetting was conceeding a goal so late in the game from a throw in and drop ball around our box. A concentration error cost us two points at the end of a very good and well strategised away game, never-the-less Freestate Stars are a very strong team and coming home with one point was acceptable.

On Staurday 29th of september we played against black Leopards, the team was determined to get three points from the game. We showed this from the first whistle with a lot of variable play, quick passing and determination to win. In the first half we created a lot of scoring opportunities with Gabuza upfront, but sometimes I felt we were so determined to bring the ball up to the last third of the field, that our final play decisions and movements were hasty and the precision was lacking.
We were also hard done by having not been awarded a penalty in the box at one stage.

The game overall made us very happy in three spheres and that was the very high work rate, good tactical approach and great team spirit. Our form curve is pointing up and we have a couple of additional positives going into our next game against Bidvest Wits on Saturday in Johannesburg, these are the return of our young striker Bongi and that Justin Zulu is also back in full training with the team. Nkanyiso and Keita have past the rehabilitation period after their surgeries and with both start the training session this week. Our one current injury is Hadebe who sustained an ankle injury last week and is expected to return to the field in 4 to 5 weeks.

18th September 2012


Our game against Sundowns was interesting in many ways. We had decided on a game plan that was to block their pass pattern, preventing them from getting behind our backline and play counter attacking football.

We managed to accomplish this very successfully and for the whole game, Sundowns could not crrete enough goal scoring opportunities as they were severly deprived of possesion. All credit for this needs to go to our organised and disciplined backline.

Assessing the game further, has me really feeling that we should have had a higher score margin than we did with clear chance from Mapolisa, Zothwane and Gabuza. So the comments after the game that we were 'lucky to win' really took me by surprise and for me credit is due to the boys for their well disciplined and organised approach to the game.

The outlook over the coming weeks looks positive too and we are confident that our upward curve will continue with our game agaist Free State Stars on 26th September.

03rd September 2012


The Derby on Saturday left us all reflecting how awful the game played looked, and has had me trying to find some positive points in it. What's disappointing is that we were well prepared mentally and started the game positively, and in control of the game. The turning point mentally for us was when we scored the goal, and it was disallowed to all of our surprise! The Amazulu goalkeeper came out of his area and lost the ball right in front of our player, so we pushed it into the net. The referee however ruled there had been a foul on the goalkeeper and disallowed it! Our morale was flattened!

We have suffered a classic bad start to the season, and on top of this, did not pick up the three points on Saturday but Golden Arrows has  lot of potential. This is something I cannot say enough! I believe that this last week, nobody wanted to suffer a loss ahead of our two week break and I know that the responsibility sits on my shoulders now to get the confidence of the team back.

So, we will prepare ourselves over this period with some practice games on both Wednesday and Saturday.


27st August 2012


The game against University of Pretoria was a very disappointing game for us. We were expecting to win without a doubt but this expectation fell flat. I must say that our planning, motivation and commitment was there but we have a saying in Turkey 'On these days, the ball does not love us!'.

The first half was a very disappointing performance and the second was better but I don’t want to make any excuses on the game, we just played bad. What was so shattering was that we had such a positive game against Pirates and our performance against Tuks was just not the same.

I know there is a lot of potential in our team and we can promise that we will make out fans happy in the coming weeks.

The next game is a Derby and the team will be up for it. With the return of Gabuza, the team will have more firepower up front, Nkanyiso Mlotshwa, Justin Zulu and Bongi Ntulu have all had their operations and all are looking good having already started their rehabilitation training

11st August 2012


After  8 weeks of preparation, we could not wait to start the season with a new team including some players who have never played in South Africa. We have been training well and preparing well with the new players and conditioning them on the field to get them all match ready. Key players like Dillon Sheppard and Gabuza, as well as new signing Justine Zulu were not available for our first encounter. The unavailability of these guys made our match against Pirates that little bit more difficult.

Overall, we played the game well, we lost the one point we were holding onto. We came out and surprised Pirates and in the first 35 minutes of the game we played amazing football against them, I feel we should have scored more in this period of play. I was very happy with our youngster Bongi Ntuli and his debut performance on the night as well as our performance as a team.  We lost again from a corner and high ball played over our defence,  and finished off from an angle not often seen in the PSL. The style of play and the confidence shown in this opening match by Golden Arrows was good and gives us confidence in the coming weeks.

Our next game against Tuks (Uni of Pretoria) will not be an easy one. They have entered the PSL fighting for recognition, this was clear in their game against Maritzburg.

21st May 2012


I would firstly like to congratulate Orlando Pirates on wining the League. The vibe in and around the stadium before and during the game was a clear indication of the thrilling performance we were all about to experience.

We had decided to play with a very offensive strategy and especially attack from the wings. This worked on many occasions and the crowd and country were, in my opinion, given a nail biting game in the end.

I would also like to mention that Swallows also had a great season.

Looking back on Golden Arrows season though there were many games where we lacked composure and defensive organisation and goal keeping errors cost us dearly. Our aim has always been to play an attacking and educated game and we have a lot to work on in that regard. In the up coming season we plan on bringing some new faces, especially young players and some foreign players. We have beefed the technical department up with a new goalkeeper coach from Germany and Shaun Bartlett (assistant coach) and Elizabeth Storm (Physical Trainer) will be working with the players in the off season to ensure we start the new season fit and prepared.

I would like to thank all our supporters for their dedication to the team over the 2011/2012 season and hope that you will bring the atmosphere and vibe that we so enjoy to the new season.


04th April 2012


The Swallows game was, to me, one of our worst games of the season. We had everything going for us and in the end lost a game that had belonged to us.

We managed to go ahead in goals in the second have, after having more than enough opportunities in the first half to seal the game. However, we were not defending well against the set pieces of Swallows and take
nothing away from them, they deserved to win because they utilized their Sprint Formation through-out the game effectively against us. This challenged us in one on one play continually and they were rewarded with
points for their brave play.

The Wits game on the other hand was different, we wanted to wait, block them in their build-ups and then counter attack from the wings. This worked periodically but we were not penetrating enough in the last third
with enough numbers. This meant that our goal chances were more mid field shots, and from a distance we could score a very nice goal. Still, we did not create enough scoring chances to capitalise on. The
equalising goal came from our own build up in our half, something that we have worked on avoiding, as we tend to lose possession this way and this is what happened. We have worked on this in our sessions before and
we will be concentrating on this again.

Our objectives are to finish off against Ajax and Pirates with victories and finish off the season in a positive manner.

24th April 2012


Our game against Amazulu, was not the result we had expected, but the way our boys have played, was very exciting. We believe so long as you try to play the type of football that both supporters and we enjoy; sooner or later the results will follow. Our weakness was that Amazulu often score from a corner or free kicks. Our tactic was not to allow their build ups. 3 Balls against the bar showed that the tactics of our opponents were lucky.

The Amazulu loss was personally felt especially since losing in a local Derby is never easy.

Cosmos' encounter was everything we expected it to be; namely very physical. Cosmos played more offensively in the second half. Our approach was playing counter-attacking football, and not more positional football.? still find that we had some great opportunities created from Nkosi and Van Heerden.

The result was important, moving us away from the relegation zone.
Looking ahead to our next fixtures, against Swallows, and Wits, we have confidence after the victorious Cosmo game. We need to blood some of our youngsters as well to build their confidence for the next season.

28th March 2012


After the many successful games our team has played previously, this cup game against Maritzburg United was very disappointing; but not only from the playing perspective.

We did not utilise our  clear chances once again which went against our plans. Maritzburg on the other hand, without even one shot on our goal scored from a free kick. What a bitter pill to swallow.

I am very emotional and disappointed after this game.

We lost in such an unlucky way, however my personal point of view is, we have to look forward.
There are challenges in front of us.
We face Sundowns on Wednesday, and Free State Stars on Saturday. Both teams are the among the most difficult teams to play against.

Robyn Johannes and Musa Bilankule are not available for us and we have to reorganise our defensive patterns accordingly.


28th March 2012


Before I start the coach's column of yesterday's game, we wish a very speedy recovery for Itumeleng Khune.

It was a great night of football in spite of no goals being scored. Both teams played very exciting and attractive football. Looking back the goalkeepers made great saves during the game. Reviewing the game afterwards has showed me that we were very unlucky on the evening with some really big opportunities to score, including the world class save of Khune in the first half.

Our tactic and game plan was not to allow Chiefs to build up from their defensive line. Often we could disturb their routine. I think the key player for Chiefs was Nengomasha off the Ball. He organised them after their loss of position perfectly. Our defensive pattern after losing the ball was not quick enough, because periodically their winger managed to come behind our wing backs. In the second half, we opted for even more offensive thinking and introduced Gabuza. After six weeks our team is in great shape and is determined in the coming weeks to play the at same level.

This coming weekend we are facing Maritzburg United in Kwa Mashu stadium and we need your support to reach the last 8.


23rd March 2012


Playing in Athlone Stadium in Cape town was as difficult a task as what we were expecting! Our aim against Santos was to play an offensive strategy from the first whistle and not allowing their speedy wingers to gain momentum on the ball. This game plan payed off in the first 30 minutes of the game, however we were not creating scoring opportunities as we had been in our previous games. We were able to score from a freekick but this just seemed to compound the pressure to create more scoring opportunities and take control of the game.

Along with this is the fact that the number of games played within a short period of time can take its toll on the 'freshness' of the team and this was visible in our play, with the level of pace we had been playing with in the past weeks dwindling slightly. We were feeling the pressure to create scoring opportunities and converting them to points, especially with Santos' equaliser 7 minuted before the half-time whistle . In the second half, Santos came back , as we had expected and played long balls to Elezar Rodgers, creating some pretty decent opportunities to score and putting pressure on us . Our youngster, Nkosi Gumede, had a remarkable game on the night and kept us in the game.

With the pressure that Santos were putting on us we had to make a decision from the bench to turn the game to our advantage, and after some deliberation, we decided to opt for a second striker in Gabuza. It payed off and he scored for us in the end in a fierce effort from outside the penatly area which left Touray with no chance. An important goal for us!

Looking ahead at the game on the 28th aganst Chiefs, then the Cup game against Maritzburg with an away game to Sundowns 3 days later, we certainly have our tasks set out for us and we are all confident that we can achieve great results from these games. We would encourage all our supporters to come out and watch the boys against Chiefs at Moses Mabhida on the 28th, your support and the amazing atmosphere you create will most definitely stir up unfound energy in the players on the pitch.


19th March 2012


Our game against Maritzburg came as a challenge to us especially after a loss to Platinum Stars  the previous Wednesday,it had raised a couple of important notes for us as a team both in our game of play and in looking at the future of the club and football as a whole in South Africa.

Our first objective was to score early in the game to settle the nerves and then to build from there. If we look at the tactical play and technical abilities of the team, we were spot on, we created good scoring opportunities, especially in the second half of the game and my opinion is that from our clear scoring chances we should have had 3 or 4 goals more.  The challenge we face is not so much in creating these opportunities or converting them to points, nor in our creativity, pace on the ball, agility or playing forward because we have proved  we are capable of this by scoring against the top team challenging for the title. Our challenge is that we have conceded far too many goals!

When we find the right balance between our attacking and defensive organisation, we will attain much higher achievements. And this is where I feel we need to give more attention from a club perspective.  The real problem is not what some experts say or the comments we read, the problem is that we do not have experienced, talented players coming through the ranks. The talent exists, but the experience is lacking!



8th March 2012


It was very important for us to collect three points in our game against Leopards. Again, the atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying, and this has a positive effect on the players. The vibe carries to them and it gives them a boost on the field.

Looking at the game, we had decided to play a 4:5:1 formation, creating a number of scoring chances and quite honestly I feel the game should have been sealed after the first 20 minutes of play.
The reality is, when you create so many scoring opportunities, and then not capitalise on them by scoring, it puts the defence under a lot of pressure. Our combination play, the precision speed and power is really taking shape and I am convinced that in the weeks to come this will show clearly in the results. This type of play and stamina has been something the boys have been working very hard to achieve.

Our next game is an away game against Platinum and following that we play at home against Maritzburg. We are looking forward to bringing Kathlego Mashego back from his suspension. We have also decided to include some talented youngsters to the team, creating a team within a team as I call it. Some of these boys will feature very soon and I assure you when they do, it will be very exciting to watch.



5th March 2012


Our game played at KwaMashu this weekend was a positive experience on all fronts. We were very impressed with the playing surface and ecstatic with the turnout of our followers, thank you all for coming out in such fantastic numbers as you created an unbelievable atmosphere and vibe around the game.

The game started on a high for us, after only 32 seconds of play, some brilliant combination play along the right hand side of the field and a great volley from Siyabonga Nkosi, saw the ball in the back of the net for a powerful start. Arrows went ahead to win the game 5 - 0 with goals from Sheppard, two from Mbseuma and the final scored by Gabuza but this result does not reflect what I feel the outcome of the game should have been. I feel we should have scored at least another three times against North West Shining Stars.

Never the less, the outcome was good.

I would like to commend Shining Stars on their game and hope they keep up their positive football style. They looked very mobile in parts of the game and at times were very offensive in the style of football they were playing.

Our next game is again in KwaMashu and it is a 'must win' for us. With your support we will achieve the expected 3 points.

21st February 2012


Let me start by congratulating Zambia for the great tournament that they have played, and obviously our two players Mbesuma and Musonda who made us proud.

The first game, after such a long break, it is always a nervous match for all teams to watch. You have trained well, but games with pressure are very different to routine training and test games. We started the game and already after three minutes we were one nil down, and managed to come back into the game again, and went in half-time 1:1.

The way Celtic approached the game with their counter-attacks was very good and, with lots of pressure, gave them the advantage. Silly mistakes pressured us into conceding those goals but that is not an excuse. All mistakes, which allowed our opponents to score, were our own fault.

Problems caused by errors on the field made us concede those goals, and that is something to be worried about. It is obvious that we are working on it, but it seems to be taking longer than expected with a long season ahead of us.

The Supersport game overall was from the football point of view, a very interesting game, with the sort of exciting action that makes for good football. We fell behind after 5 minutes. We came back again and conceded a goal despite our efforts.

The boys played well, playing attacking combination football. We also were on several occasions a bit unlucky with the great bicycle kick from Katlego, and a header from Gabuza in an open goal. The important part is to motivate the boys and the coming weeks will be real tests for us with the next game against Leopards.



17th December 2011


After our two week brake the game against Ajax was the expected difficult encounter. Football wise both team played a good flowing passing game.

Having Mbesuma and Johannes out due injuries and Shephard and Musonda out due to card suspensions, showed us it is not going to be easy. I believe we started  firstly very well but again our concentration level was very bad and a positional error cost us the 1- 0 lead for Ajax. The second half of the game was something that show me, our team has a very good fighting spirit and never giving up attitude. The boys really showed character and gave it all.

We pressed Ajax completely in their half for nearly the entire 45 min. We had some good opportunities to score, a disallowed goal, and some error in precision and decision taking in front of the goal, cost us the points.Still the performance of the team gives us the belief in the teams ability. To mention the great performance of our youngster Nkosi Gumede in his first PSL game, after Helton picked up an injury.
Our next game against pirates will be the last before the break, we are looking forward to an exciting game.

I wish you all merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, may all your wishes come through in 2012.

05th December 2011


Once again, with the Wits game, we were all on the field but for the first 20 minutes never all made our presence felt. During this time, to compound our issues, there was a questionable penalty decision. What makes me happy about our team is that we have developed a 'never give up' attitude.

We dominated control of the game in the second half and in the end I was unhappy to loose 2 important points. Abafana came back hard in this half and we created many goal scoring opportunities but were unfortunate not to convert them.

The week of the Telkom Cup final will allow us to prepare well for our next two games, that being Ajax and an away game against Pirates. Games I am confident that we can win. The teams positive attitude to win with their backs against the wall forms a great foundation for a lot of positive play.

We also have Elsa with us for the entire week to help the boys in core work and co-ordination. It is amazing how much positive energy and attitude comes from these sessions and I am sure we will end the year on a high note.

We look forward to your continual support!


30th November 2011


Our mid-week encounter against Swallows earned us 3 important points against a strong and in-form team. The game had two very different halves, with Swallows keeping us on the back foot in the first and then us dominating in the second. Their game-plan was to stretch us and then try to capitalise on one-on-one situations through Nomvete. I must say that Swallows is an impressive team and could have scored in the first half.
Our goal came from some exceptional positional play along with a great combination over the side with Philani allowing Gazuba to score.

Our strategy in the second half was to look for quick counter attack opportunities to attack and capitalise on. We carried out this game plan to perfection and in the end feel that the score should have been more, bearing in mind we had 4 clear opportunities to score.


27th November 2011

COACHES COMMENT AGAINST on the telkom cup against pirates

Firstly I would like to thank all of you for the great support, and for arriving in numbers for our game against Orlando Pirates. This was greatly appreciated by both the team and management.

We are all obviously upset with the result from this game, the first 15 minutes went in favour to Orlando Pirates but then we found our rhythm, we thereafter assumed domination and excelled in a period of play that saw a courageous individual effort from Johannes, which resulted in a superb goal.

We then seemed unable to create any more chances and conceded a goal from a corner. We brought the ball back into the middle off the corner and gave a very soft goal away.

In the early stages of the second half, Pirates dominated play again and started to play long balls. To me, this was an indication that their normal pass play was not being as effective as normal.

Pirates second goal came from a disastrous error and this proved to be a turning point in the game. After this they started dominating the play and they began creating more options for themselves. But the key moment in the outcome of the game was when Tom lost possession to Klate in the box, allowing him to feed Mbuyane and allowing them to put their second goal in.

Sheppard then conceded a penalty in the box. A decision I don't completely agree with but we must remember this decision is the referees', and all in all he blew a fair game. This allowed Pirates to put another one in the back of the net, and setting the score to 3-1.

I do feel that there is way too much 'diving' from players, trying to get free kicks in and around the box. Balanced athletes do not fall so easily and there have been many instances when I wish the play should just carry on.

Our next game is against Swallows, and your strong and continual support will help us overcome this difficult encounter. We will try and encourage and uplift our boys who I feel, have been giving their best.

Your support is important to us!

21st November 2011


Reflecting on our away game against Cosmos, we had a game where we performed on two separate scales!

Our first-half performance was disastrous, and the basis of this was nerves from our side, and the pressure we were experiencing to cope with what we had set out to do.

The second half was a more superior performance! The team managed to hold onto the ball more and therefore allowing us to create more plays that allowed us to get the ball to the wings and create better scoring chances. Off the ball our play was more improved too. We tended to position ourselves better after losing possession, and the team seemed to sync in this. Everyone was placing themselves better on the field automatically.

I feel that I need to mention the fine performance by Gabuza, who was for me, my Man of the Match.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks and how it is going to be a tough period as far as games are for us. We are playing Orlando Pirates this coming Saturday in a Telkom Cup match, then four days later we face Swallows and then an away game against Wits.

The victory against Cosmos will help us mentally in this preparation period, bringing a lot of positive attitude into the training we have ahead. We will start preparations on Monday for our very interesting challenge against Pirates. Hopefully all KZN football lovers will come and support us.

See you next Saturday at Moses Mabida Stadium!


16th November 2011

COACHES COMMENT AGAINST amazulu and the telkom quarter final against ajax

Our game against Amazulu is a perfect example of how cruel the game of football can be! Even though we dominated the field of play from the first whistle to the last we were defeated 2 - 1. This was a bitter defeat for the team.

Our next match, against Ajax in the Telkom Quarter Final, proved that Arrows can come back strong after a loss.

Despite Ajax being impressive in their first 20 minutes of play, this being from their usual game of strong wing play, our organisation and preparation on defence proved invaluable. We had decided that we would block them in their passing opportunities and therefore thwarting their plays from their build-ups.

The second half against Ajax was a thrilling game. After a mistake in defence from an Ajax corner, they managed to equalise, but Arrows never lost the driving seat. We decided that we wanted to go more wide and subbed Philani for Nkosi. This enabled us to stretch the Ajax defence more and the strategy paid off, allowing us to score from a wide build up.

The FIFA weeks have allowed us to prepare in a more relaxed atmosphere. The topics we covered in training were about transition in a game plan from a defensive stance to attacking and visa-versa. We also ha our fitness expert, Elsa, join us from Joburg to address the physical side of the team.

We have a very interesting two weeks ahead of us, hopefully we will rise to the expectations of our fans and can put all that the team has shown in training, into practice in our games.

Keep on supporting!


01st November 2011


Looking back on our last performance against Freestate Stars, we should be a bit disappointed with our results, however we can look at it from a different perspective and see that although we still quite a road to achieve our goals, we can see results and we know we are on the right track.

Not taking anything away from Stars, who played a hard game, if we had kept up the positive aspects of our play from our match against Supersport, the results would have been very different.

We battled to retain secondary ball in the game and therefore lost our advantage that we should have had. This was our major downfall in the game. But again, all is not lost and I feel that the players have taken this as a learning curve and will correct this in future games.

We will be glad to have the services of Dillon Shephard in the next match and another positive in the camp is that Kathlego had a full training session with the team. Mbesuma has also been receiving extensive physio and will be available against Amazulu.

Looking towards the Durban Derby is stirring quite a bit of emotion in me, and I hope that we will be able to generate the hype and excitement in Kwazulu Natal that the games in Joburg and Cape Town have had. We know that our part of this is to bring creative and exciting football to ignite that flair and I believe we have that fire burning in the camp with great anticipation.

Amazulu is looking very good at the moment and the night promises to be an action packed encounter for football followers.

Arrows looks forward to seeing you all at King Zwethilini Stadium.

25th October 2011


It has been a very challenging task over the last two games, and I need to commend both the players and technical staff on our results. We have achieved a draw against Sundowns and an away win against the Log Leaders of the Telkom Cup.

Looking back over this period, it has been a priority to find the right frame-work to achieve the goal we had set ourselves for each game. Sundowns and Supersport play two completely different styles of soccer and our approach had to target each respectively. Our results have shown that we were successful in both respects.

This brings me to an important point, and that is that in the short period of time that the team, technical staff and I have worked together, we have achieved favourable results, and this gives us all a positive outlook and hope for the future.

Looking ahead to the following weeks however, we have some new challenges, and results that we want to maintain. First, we have an away game against Freestate Stars, then the Durban Derby and the last challenge being the Telkom Cup. Our technical team are set with the job of balancing the games with the right periodisation.
Furthermore, our last games have cost us some injuries in the camp as well as the availability of Dillon Sheppard only against Amazulu again because of his suspension form the Sundowns game.

28 September 2011
Ernst Middendorp


No doubt our situation is giving cause for concern!

Once again, Arrows conceded 2 needless goals at the beginning of the match against Santos. We allowed this by making positional mistakes and not concentrating on one-on-one situations that cropped up. This allowed the
opposition to take advantage of huge gaps in our defence, a totally unnecessary situation which they took full advantage of, and appropriately punished us!

In the final 15 minutes of the first half and the entire second half we started to show our fighting spirit and commitment to coming back to achieve our desired result, a win. We dominated the game in all aspects, allowing
the opponent no space, and produced several goal scoring opportunities, including a penalty!

However, we are not achieving our goals and results that we have set up and this is showing through the individuality being displayed in the team. The sooner we start displaying a 'Team Fighting Spirit' from everyone wearing the Golden Arrows colours from the FIRST whistle the better! We will then start achieving the scores and wins that we know and have shown in our play, that we are capable of.

Even as a coaching team we need to become more aggressive in getting involved on the field. No doubt this is overdue as well.

It is time for an major attitude change from 'Less Me' to 'More We!'.

20 September 2011
Ernst Middendorp


Congratulations to Maritzburg United F.C on their 2-0 win over us on Sunday.

We conceded an early goal in the 8th minute, completely against our style of play, which threw us and we never came back from it. This allowed Maritzburg United to defend deep, wait for our mistakes we had in our forward movements, and capitalise with quick counter attacks for the remainder of the match.

In the team talk, emphasis was made with regards to maintaining full concentration in our defence from the first whistle, not allowing the opposition free scoring opportunities. I was convinced, especially after working on defence building up to and during the match against Platinum Stars, that we would not falter. However, this did not pose to be true! We have prepared, in detail, during practice but often do not follow this through to our play on the field in the way we should!

As players, we have to be prepared to bring our full potential to the full 90 minutes of play on the field. It seems as if we are overestimating ourselves sometimes, thinking that we can play in the PSL successfully, without bringing our full game to the field and completing the job as a team.

If we are prepared to learn from our mistakes at any time, as well as make a critical appraisal of current position in the League, then I am certain that we will start picking up points consistently.

16 September 2011
Ernst Middendorp


The club and I can be very happy that the true colours of our players has started shining through.

On Wednesday, Golden Arrows showed considerable strength of character while playing their football against Platinum Stars!

I am very proud of the guys! They did an outstanding job, outplaying a well drilled, strong opponent to a 3 – 1 win. All of them displayed considerable progress in their team spirit and the hard work and determination over the past three weeks has prevailed. We can stand tall and be proud, coming back from our defeat against Black Leopards at the end of August.

We went into the match well prepared, with our training sessions over the past weeks concentrating on the game that Platinum Stars bring to the field. This has been proven to be effective, the score being the proof!

I am extremely proud of our guys for winning, showing their metal, and coming together as a team and showing their worth!


26 August 2011
Ernst Middendorp

black leopards vs GOLDEN ARROWS

Considering the fact that we have not picked up a single point out of three League matches (one home game and two away), scoring only one goal while conceding seven, we know that our start to the 2011/2012 PSL Season has been a false start for us! Leaving us at the bottom of the League!

Before conceding the first goal in our mach against Black Leopards (in the 70th minute), we produced several chances for goals but we never converted them into points; Collins Mbesuma (some short distance shots and a header from a short distance), Katlego Mashego (some short distance shots), Philani Shange (a short distance shot), Musa Bilankulu (header from a distance), Siyabonga Nkosi (16m central shot) and Dillon Sheppard (15m central shot). We are clearly did not take full advantage of our dominant play in the first 70 minutes of the game.

We definitely face a huge problem in terms of making the right decisions in the final third in front of the goal post. We are taking shots when we should be passing, we cross early when we should dribble! We need to take this in hand, and considering our lack of self-confidence in terms of our finishing in front of the goal keeper, it will be one of the major training activities over the next three weeks, before our next home game against Platinum Stars on September 14th.

We have a large area for improvement in the midfield as well, a challenge ball was given away too easily and the opponent managed to force a 2-on-1 situation on the left wing, scoring the first goal from a short distance shot. We need to improve on winning these 50/50 balls in midfield, and we will be concentrating on this aspect of our game too.

At present we are playing very individually, and the boys need to pull together! We have considerable team spirit and once everyone realises how formidable we are as a team, we will excel beyond our possibilities!

We know we have to turn it around in our next matches against Platinum Stars, Maritzburg United and Santos. I believe that over those three games we are going to see a more united Team!


19 August 2011
Ernst Middendorp


Wednesdays defeat against SuperSport United FC was completely unnecessary! Conceding the goal in extra time of the 1st half was the result of the interconnection of several individual mistakes, coupled with players exercising restraint! We just do not need that! Sorry, but we have only ourselves to blame!

We started the second half well and showed the right answer. Within four minutes Katlego Mashego had a great scoring opportunity from a distance of 12m and took a shot. This was the result of a concerted move with Joseph Musondo and Sibaya Nkosi on the right wing. The equaliser, through Katlego Mashego, came n the 52 minute however, after heading an effective cross from Nkosi into the net.

The following 30 minutes we played a consistent game, not allowing our opponents a great deal of space even though there were two dangerous moments. A header from Laffor and a shot at goal from Arwuah. Again, in the 82nd minute we dropped our guard, lost the ball on the left wing too easily, not blocking a cross from Laffor and allowing the 1.98m striker, Niang , to convert possession into points. SuperSport United were at 2-1. Again this was an avoidable scenario!

Golden Arrows showed their mettle again, but however were left annoyed at not being able to convert the huge scoring opportunity in the final seconds of extra time in the game, into points.

Naturally we returned home disappointed with our loss, but we should not be discouraged in our future games! We have the talent and potential to turn our game-play around and will most defiantly do so!


15 August 2011
Ernst Middendorp


Our home game against Bloemfontein Celtic on Saturday ended in an unpleasant, but educational defeat for Golden Arrows. I had discussed, in the pre-game Media Conference my doubt with regards to some players being able to handle the pressure in the first match of the season as they had not had any regular exposure in this type of pressure over the past season. Nevertheless, we would like to compliment Bloemfontein Celtic on their three(3) goals, with two of them definitely being in contention for Goal of the Season 2011/2012. Congratulations.

Golden Arrows played well in the first 20 minutes of the game. We looked comfortable on the ball, retaining 58% ball possession, and producing some decent goal scoring opportunities while looking organised and structured in defence. Two promising opportunities were Philani Shanges' attempt in the 14th minute after receiving a pass from Nkosi and Mashengo's shot after a break-through pass on the left wing with Dillon Sheppard.

In the second quarter of the game we dropped our performance, losing essential control of the ball and allowing our opponents several attempts at goal, 6 in total. We failed to retain the ball, losing it easily and then not applying pressure on Celtic when they were attacking. The defensive line moved back into our own 18-yard box, failing to mark the opposing players. Consequently, Bloemfontein Celtic managed to convert possession to points in the 32nd minute to lead 1-0. At the same time, our attacking movement became too casual and did not look dangerous at all! We made a number of wrong decisions with several misunderstandings, low pace and inaccurate passes marring our game.

Within the first 10 minutes of the second half, the game had been decided! Our right defence was weak, allowing Bloemfontein Celtic through to score two(2) goals. From thereon we were looked as if we were just trying to keep Celtic at 3, not converting our ball time into constructive plays and shot opportunities.
There is no doubt that we have a lot of work to do in order for us to perform as a compact unit, strong in both defence and attack. The crucial factor in being successful as a team, and playing to our full potential, is how we can consolidate, eradicate our errors and play a consistent game!

Let's just do it!

Supersport United
Golden Arrows
Bidvest Wits.
Platinum stars
Kaizer Chiefs
Orlando Pirates
Black Leopard
Jomo Cosmos
Bloem Celtic
Moroko Swallows
Ajax Cape Town
Free State Stars
Maritzburg United