We started the match on a positive note and open the score in the sixth minute when Lamola got to the end of Lunga to make it 1:0. This allowed us to play with less stress and commanded the space and the ball very well though we didn’t create as many chances due to the nature of how the opponent where structured. It was a very physical game and the opponent would always go direct after winning possession. Our defense had to stay switched on to avoid their strikers receiving the long ball. We did not have too many defensive challenges except the long direct balls and the long throw ins. There were too many fouls committed, worsened by rainy conditions as well but both sets of players coped very well. The first half ended 1:0 in our favor with no threat the opponent would overcome our game model.

We didn’t start the second well and we conceded throw ins and corners unnecessarily but survived that spell. We started playing our brand of football though not as fluid as usual. Our midfield lost too much possession and as a result we didn’t create too many chances as well Mathe opponent made a change and brought in Ramagalela and started applying more pressure. In the 64th minute, they got an equalizer from a crosss. A ball that seemed to have gone out of the field as the initial cross was played from their right wing, the ball went over to their left wing who crossed back as well, where the goal got scored by Ramagalela to level matters 1:1. Both teams had started the encounter equal on points and end the encounter equal on points again as both remain in positions seven and eight.

Our next march is against Orlando Pirates the next weekend.

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