The match was played just two days after the Baroka win. The team had had enough rest and we showed in our overall performance which was fresh. We dominated the match from the first whistle till the last except the period in the second half, where the opponent had a ten minute spell of good play and managed to score two goals in succession. Something we never saw happening based on how we played. The two goals happened in the second when the opponent overloaded our wingbacks. We didn’t respond promptly and we suffered a huge setback. Our compelling moments where we were supposed to win the match was in the first half. We played a good game with fluidity and created good chances but only took one from the penalty. Mutizwa converted to make it 0:1 and kept playing and the opponent had no solutions. Our greatest downfall on the day was lack of a killer instinct to bury the match. We went to half time leading 0:1 and with no real problems encountered except scoring more. This is our third undeserved defeat this season. Something we fail to learn from. When stakes are high, we fail to rise to the occasion. This calls for a stronger mindset, more concentration and focus to team goals than individual goals. We always play better when we are trailing from behind. There seems to be a heightened level of concentration when we chasing the match.

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