A very difficult match to a CTC team that always wants to play from the back with lots of capable technical players. Their profile of is not far from our profile. Both teams showed lots of similarities. The glaring one was the high pressing game where the team in possession lost the ball and immediately applied pressure to stop possible counter attacks. We were more aggressive in our pressing game. We pressed till the last minute. A sign that our team is well conditioned.

In moments where we needed to play, we played good attacking football. We finished the first half with no problems except composure in our finishing. We also lacked the ability to counter efficiency where possible and we were too forgiving when we had a good opportunity to counter. We ended the first half 0:0.

The second half started very well and we had two great opportunities the first five minutes but failed to score. The opponent had a rare opportunity when a cross got delivered in the box and Erasmus converted to make 1:0. We kept playing our way without panic and looked convincing.

We made changes to effect the game, Venter for Sibiya, Sibeko for Lamola and Mutizwa for Gumede. We managed to pull an equalizer when Sibeko pulled wide on the left and left defenders behind, only to be fouled inside the box for penalty. Mutizwa made it 1:1.

The team showed great mental fortitude, good physical condition.

We played good football and created enough chances to win the match but wasn’t to be.

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