We went pound for pound today against Girona FC in Riudarenes, Spain in another exciting and action filled game on the Multichoice Diski tour to Europe.

The differing European style of play takes a bit of getting used to and we took a couple of minutes to find our footing and get into todays encounter again. But we managed to find our groove and take the game to our hosts. Girona were a formidable side, who had a number of their first team players on the field today. They made great use of their ball and distributed it well, ensuring that they took advantage of the gaps they created in our defence.

The first half was a good contest and Girona managed to score twice. Determined not to go into the break with no score, we kept some consistent pressure on them. We forced a number of errors from them and managed to get a free kick on the edge of the box. Jappie did well with a short kick, layed it off to Parusnath who scored our first goal of the game before going into the break.

The second half was an exciting battle. We returned to the field and both sides seemed to be holding off a little, trying to determine what the change of game plan was from each other. Girona then seemed to open their play up. They fed the ball wide a number of times and showed some superiority in creating gaps in our defence. This allowed them to score twice again, reasonably close together.

We were determined to get back into the game though. Sibiya and N.Dube were substituted onto the field and made some impressive runs, managing to get behind the defence and create opportunities to score, while on defence we had tightened up, frustrating our opponents who were taking shots from outside the box to try and increase their lead.

Our determination payed off. Ndwandwe won the ball in the midfield, he layed it off to N.Dube who played it up and fed Sibeko in the box. Sibeko made no mistake and scored.

The score is not a true reflection of the 90 minutes played. The game was entertaining and another valuable learning experience for our players as we tour Spain.

Congratulations to the team for showing determination, a proud performance today.

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