Firstly, it was so encouraging to play in such a packed stadium and one must really thank our supporters who came in numbers. One should also commend the good work that was done  by the club in all their drives to pack the stadium.

Coming into the match, I was disappointed  by not winning the match because i think our boys gave a very good account of themselves. It was so encouraging to see so many debutants putting such a good performance. There is still a lot of work that we still have to do in both our defensive and offensive play. The biggest highlight for me was to see an Arrows team that really played the kind of football which we are all accustomed to and we can only build from there.

The quest to bring back the glory days at Arrows has just begun let us just rally together in this revolution to see our beloved team claiming its rightful place in the Premiership.
” Aluta Continua”

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