A positive result at the beginning of any competition is key. It gives the players confidence. As a team that has just been promoted to the elite league we needed this win badly. This win will enable the players to have self belief – which in turn will boost the confidence of the team.

A lot of positives can be drawn from our game against Tukkies. Defensively our team was well organised Mental strength of our players was fully tested after getting a red card in the 20th minute Physical condition of our players was tested and they passed The transition from defence to attack was very effective A lot of fighting spirit from our players Most of all – a great bench

There is still a lot of room for improvement and as the season progresses we can only hope to get even better. We did not play the greatest of football on the day but the signs of good football were there. Tukkies on the other hand had their own plans – long balls behind the defenders and to the strikers. We were able to play from the second phased ball. Our resolute defending frustrated Tukkies a lot and they ended up been desperate.

We will continue to work harder to collect as many points as possible in the first round.

I must congratulate our Supporters for coming in their numbers to support their team -they are a key component to our growth and development.

This win was a fitting women’s day gift to our chair lady and our hard working manager

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