When you win, you don’t examine it so much, except to congratulate yourself and the team. You easily and wrongly assume that it has something to do with your plan. The plan, more than anything can only work if people who must make it work are up to the challenge. From the four fundamental factors of factors of performance: tactics, technique, physical and mental the latter is always the least considered by the coaches. I believe at this level of football (PSL) it is the most important.

Mentally our players played the second game against Supersport thinking it will be a walk in the park. We could not get into the rhythm of our game. Supersport effectively used pressing to counter our style of play and as such we played in patches here and there.

Our defense was reinforced to deal with the long balls that Supersport was launching in the previous game, and they outsmarted us by bringing Thuso Phala in the central area to effect numerical superiority in midfield. We could have forced them not to build from the back especially the right back.

As Golden Arrows we have seen all the shortcomings in this match, and we will take them as lessons for the next game. Our medical team is doing its best to deal with the few knocks we sustained against Supersport.
Congratulations to Chris Katjiukua on scoring a goal on his first game of the current season.

The next game against Orlando Pirates will not be an easy one. They have not done well so far in the league and they will come full force to try and get the maximum points. We will be more than ready for this game.
To our supporters we say that, we are equally disappointed with the results against Supersport. We have an opportunity to make it up to you in our game against Pirates.

Big up to our MDC team – keep up the good work boys.

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