What is your off season training schedule like? Do you exercise every day?

LL: It’s not as intense as the usual training done during season after all I am on holiday, but i do make sure I keep my fitness up by training 3 times a week

How did you get into soccer?

LL: It started at a young age as a young boy from the village. I saw it as something that kept me busy and away from trouble. When I got to matric that’s when I really started to enjoy soccer for the sport it is.

Who were some soccer role models you looked up to when you were growing up?

LL: Jerry Skhosana is the 1st mentor I looked up to. He was my coach in the Vodacom League and he is the coach that built me into the player I am,  even teaching me the step over was a skill I perfected from him.

Who is the sports icon that has influenced you the most in your career?

LL: It still remains Jerry Skhosana.

Do you have a special routine or superstition before you play a game?

LL: I have been taught at a young age by my grandmother that the most important thing to do everyday is to pray no matter what the outcome is I always make sure to pray and ask God for guidance before every game.

What do you do on your off time? Do you have a hobby?

LL: The most important thing I do is give time to my family as they live in Joburg and i am Durban, so most of my time is spent with them. We have just come back from the Kruger from a mini holiday.

Another thing close to my heart which I do every year is a tournament called the ‘Lerato Lamola Winter Games’ under the the Lerato Lamola Foundation.  It’s a way I give back to the community by hosting a soccer tournament which the main aim is collecting school shoes and pads for the kids in the community of Ivory Park and Mapela in Limpopo as a way to say thank you.

How would you like to be remembered in the game?

LL: I would like to be remembered as a player who played fair football, someone who never gave up on my dream of playing soccer despite the age that I started playing professional football and for scoring goals.

Who is your favourite team mate and why?

LL: Matome Mathiane! We have played together from ABC Motsepe League /Vodacom League and continued our friendship. Since then he has become more like a brother then a friend or teammate.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your game, and why?

LL: I wouldn’t be able to pick one because each coach that has coached me has taught me something new and each had a impact on the player I am today

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