After 3 games we have tasted a win, draw and a loss. A very improved performance against Platinum Stars. Two individual defensive errors in the first half cost us the 3 points. The first goal was conceded through – not doing a basic defending of a wall pass. Instead of our player closing the man that passes the ball he followed the ball. The second goal was caused by our defender not attacking a ball from the cross, thus allowing the striker to have a free header.

The second goal was really heartbreaking because we spend a lot of time dealing with this situation and our players did not do justice defending the specific cross.

Against Jomo Cosmos we had 12 shots on target and against Platinum Stars we had more than four goal scoring opportunities and we could not convert them. We had enough entrances in the final third to have drawn or even won the game but we were blunt in front of the goals.

Edgar Manaka gave a good account of himself in his first game. He was able to make the team play. He made the team look good when we attacked.

Having scored one goal in 3 games tells us that we need to work much more on our finishing. We would like to see a lot of improvement on our finishing against Sundowns. We need much more aggression going forward. Fortunately, we have enough time to work on this because our next game will be on the 12th of September.

Defensively, I feel as a team we have been doing well. We have conceded two goals, which are individual mistakes and not group or team mistakes. We will reinforce our organisation defensively.

We need to be sharper in front of the goals
We need to lessen playing space for our opponents
We need more composure in the final third

These are the things that we need to have improved by the time we play Sundowns

Our Diski team will be playing their first game against Sundowns in Tembisa this weekend. I have faith in them. Wish them LUCK

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