Our pre-season preparations continued this week with a series of tests being done with the players to asses different aspects of their agility, recovery and power.

Yesterday the players started the testing session with a body composition test. The main objective of this test is to determine fat percentage and to build a diet and exercise regime around this going forward.

Flexibility of the players was tested with a ‘sit and reach test and a vertical jump test checked the ‘off the mark’ power of the players.

A speed session was then carried out with players taking part in 10m and 30m sprints. Their Anaerobic power was then put to the test with a repeated sprint test.

Todays session will include the following. ‘Functional movement screening’ which is determined through 7 different tests, the players agility will be determined through the arrow head tests and then recovery with be tested by using the ‘yo-yo intermittent test’

All of these will help to set up effective and personalised training schedules for each player in order to to achieve optimum performance for when the season kicks off on the 04th August against Maritzburg United.

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