A classic match where both teams played a similar kind of football. The match was two teams playing possession football looking to build from the back and would be pressed high, thus opt for route one and build from the midfield. The midfield play was also one where whichever team had the ball, they’d be pressed not to play. The team that regained possession would look to go out of the press via one touch and the least number of players. As they attempted to counter attack, they’d be counter pressed. The match officials had to stay in touch with a high pressing game and high physical exertion without recklessness.

We struggled playing against the wind in the first half but we created the better chances except once from a free kick, where Mlungwana was forced to save a free kick from Pule. We had a slight challenge from our right side where Mako and Memela gave us some headache but our right back and right midfielder sorted it out. We went to half time goalless and the match was very quick, technical and lots of tactical detail both in defense and attack.

We resumed the second but had a great boost and benefit from the wind. We played even better than first half and managed to play through in the midfield, played around the opponent and at times went over the opponent defense. We had a great chance when Phiri put Mutizwa through but the keeper pulled a save. Lamola had another chance like he did in the first half but fluffed it. The best chance of the game was when Parusnath broke through and went one on one with the keeper and was hacked by Nyawuza the defender. A penalty was supposed to have been awarded but the officials decided otherwise. The match ended 0:0. We called a point and made 32 pts at position seven.

Our next match is away in Cape Town to Stellenbosch in two weeks. Our fight to consolidate our top 8 position.

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