A very tactical match from two teams playing a similar style of attacking football. There were very few opportunities in the match except later when we had done our tactical substitutions.

Both teams pressed high denying each other the opportunity to build from the back. We were the better in building from long balls played into the midfield. The opponent keeper was not as accurate with long passes. The biggest challenge from the opponent was their wing play especially on their right. We needed good communication and coordination between our fullbacks and wingers to deal with the opponent movement in the wide areas.

The first half finished 0:0 and a true reflection of the match in the first half. We had a good start to the second half. Our team dealt better with the opponent wing play and we started to dominate better. We changed Mathenjwa with Mutizwa and dropped a Sibeko into second striker position. We still looked good and kept great shape that only needed to be complimented by an appropriate attacking.

Our wingers were starting to get tired and we introduced a new pairing in Jooste and Lamola. We placed Sibeko wide on the left and Lamola played alongside Mutizwa. We were more threatening and it wasn’t long, we broke from a break and scored in the 82nd minute.

The score was 1:0 and all we needed do was to manage the match. The team showed lots of maturity and managed the lead very well. We almost got a second but we squandered the chance. The match ended 1:0 in our favor but players worked extremely well in both defense and offense. They maintained a very high level of tactical discipline.

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