It was bound to be a very difficult match after knocking them out of the TELKOM Cup. We had a very good start and scored first in the second minute when Mutizwa headed a MTSHALI free kick. The score was 1:0 and it helped us a lot. We continued playing our way even under pressure.

The opponent strategy was to press us high so that we do not get the rhythm to play. All we needed to do more often was to play beyond the line of press into the midfield and start playing from there. In a few moments where we bypassed the first line of press we looked dangerous and we could manage to create more opportunities.

There were moments where we risked possession especially from our left side but we managed to control and survived the threat. We created more chances and our problem was finishing. Mutizwa was the main culprit where he squandered two great chances. We went to the dressing 1:0.

We started the second half well but the opponent kept piling pressure and we lost a bit of confidence. As they were to make a double sub we conceded a goal through the Centre when we didn’t press the ball in the Centre. The score was 1:1. The opponent made their changes and opted for three man defence. We were under pressure for the better part of the second half but we resisted well.

The match got even more physical as both teams were looking to break away and win. Our mental strength showed when we forced the opponent to concede a free kick. Phiri line up the free kick, took a shot, the ball rebounded from the keeper and Makhubela made it 2:1 right at the end. That was to be the last kick of the match and we won the match.

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